Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Judy Hopkins 501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks

I am definitely getting my money's worth out of Judy Hopkins 501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks. Here are a couple blocks I've made practicing my half square triangles.
 Block : X Quartet

Block: Eccentric Star

After I piece 12 blocks, I'll make a lovely quilt for my family room. These blocks are 12" finished.

I'm still working on my veggie and fruit quilt but I'm starting to second guess myself. As you can see, I've laid out the pieces for the lemon block using a light background. Hmmm....  I'm wondering if I should use a light background for the whole quilt or stick to my Kona solids. If I stick to the Kona solids, I could replace the light background with a pale yellow. 
The blocks are 10-1/2" finished using Judy Hopkins' book. 

Here are two blocks from Saturday Soiree BOM by Marcus Brothers. The quilt store that I was doing this thru has since closed. I bought a good amount of the red and white fabric (at a great discount) from the store before it closed. Then, I started selecting my own blocks from, you guessed it, my Judy Hopkins' book! I matched a few that are in the finished quilt and chose a few that would give the quilt the same feel. 

And of course I couldn't finish my post without showing you more lined drawstring bags! These are my new bags for knitting projects. The tutorial is over at In Color Order by Jeni. 

Happy quilting and sewing!

Julie B

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