Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's Beginning...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go.... I'm sure you know the song and you know the feeling! Yikes! Don't tell me how many days left. No matter. I plan to get most everything done but the Christmas cards might be a little late this year. For me, that is just unheard of. I'm one of those people who have the cards ready to go the first week of December. All I can say is "o'well"! That's going to be my new motto for 2013 - O'well!  Do you sense a little insanity? I don't think my boss will like my new motto :) I digress... let's move on to sewing projects!

I am soooooo happy to introduce my new sewing pattern called Mouse in Hammock. It is a pdf file with over 20 pages of instruction and over 30 pictures.  We have had a Mouse in Hammock ornament on our Christmas tree for many years - our favorite ornament, by far. I am so excited to offer a pattern to you so that your tree may have a mouse in hammock dreaming of what Santa will put under the tree. Also, they are unique and one-of-a-kind gifts for friends, family and teachers. The pattern is available in my etsy shop.
 Merry Christmas!
 This mouse's blanket was made using a Santa fabric that came from my Grandmother's fabric stash. 
This mouse is comfy in his soft plaid bed set. 

Have you visited all the great projects on Moda Bake Shop? What a great site for free tutorials, inspiration, and ideas! Recently, I finished a placemat for Santa. This Christmas Eve, Santa will have his very own personalized placemat for his milk and cookies. You can find the tutorial here. This is my version...

Currently, I am making coasters for gifts. This picture are some coasters in progress for my dad. He collects Marx toy figures from the 60s. Most of his collection are cowboys, Indians, and soldier figures. When he was little, all the boys wanted to be cowboys but my dad ran around wanting to be an Indian. I bet he got chased a lot! Or went into hiding.

We love to have popcorn when watching movies. With three kids, we eat a lot of popcorn so I make mine the old fashioned way - on the stove top. I guess if a stove is involved, it's not really the old fashioned way but you know what I mean - not in a microwave! Usually, if we have any around, we add M&M's to the popcorn. If you add them when the popcorn is still warm, the chocolate on the inside of the M&M's melts beautifully. Here is a festive bowl of popcorn with holiday M&M's.

  Now go watch Elf! 



  1. aawww the mouse in the hammock is too adorable.

  2. My family has always had a mouse in the hammock in our tree. My dad passed away on Christmas Day, and I have brought the ornament home to copy for my eight brothers and sisters, and my seventeen nieces and nephews. I have everything figured out but the mouse, and I hope your pattern will help me with that. My dad's mouse is elegant, with a red velvet comforter and beautiful linens. He little guy is legendary to my family, and I hope I cano him honor when I replicate him 26 times. Thank you so much!


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