Wednesday, October 17, 2012

E's Quilt

E's wall quilt is finished! Hooray! I am so happy to finally have this one quilted and up on the wall. It really brings out the colors in her room and adds a fun and happy feel. I tried to get some good pictures...
E's Wall Quilt

Close up of the quilting. 

Small border frames the quilt nicely. 

Finishing this quilt took so long because I was practicing my free motion quilting in hopes of stippling E's quilt. After some practice and practice and practice, I just didn't feel confident enough to try it yet. Maybe in a few months! Two more quilts to finish...

 E's angel beautifully made by my Aunt B. 

E's Ginny doll given to her by Vicki (my dad's wife) who collects Ginny dolls.

This week I am working on some luggage tags. I made these a couple years ago for Christmas gifts. They make a perfect place to put a gift card!  The pattern is by Studio Cherie on etsy. 
Work in progress... 

Here are some finished ones from a couple years ago.

The cold weather is setting in and my garden is turning brown. S and I planted a bean this year for fun called Christmas lima bean. The plant grew but we only got a few beans. I let them dry on the plant so we could save them for winter soup. I have enough to make a tiny bowl for a mouse!
O'well! It was so fun opening them to discover the lovely colors inside. Next spring, we'll try again and plant more and earlier this time!

Happy sewing!


  1. I love the colors in your quilt and I like your quilting choices too! I'm trying to build up to FMQ myself, but have decided to keep doing walking foot quilting for now so I can get some things done.

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  3. Well done! E's wall quilt looks gorgeous, and I think the diagonal quilting suits it perfectly!!

  4. Popped over from JAQS linky party, what a lovely finish, I'm sure your daughter loves it. :)

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