Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My first swoon block...

I am so excited to say that I have finished my first swoon block! I've been wanting to try these blocks by Camille Roskelley for so long. After doing one, I can't believe I waited so long.
Swoon blocks are large at 20". For now, I plan to use them as single blocks to accent a dresser or a table.
I'm thinking one for each holiday would be really fun. This could be Valentine's Day! But first, how to quilt this lovely block... Any suggestions?

The quilt store I work at (Gentler Times in Naperville) now stocks the fun Chevron prints by Riley Blake in large and small. Of course, I had to buy some.
There are so many great sewing projects and quilts using this collection. Red Pepper Quilts has a great example here showing how one block can look totally different depending where you place the zig zags. Also, here is a free tutorial by Stardust Shoes for baby booties. I have seen booties made using the Chevron print - so cute! Know anyone having a baby?

I made these cute little holders for the store. We use them to place on top of fabric bolts waiting to be cut for customers who are still looking. This way they don't get accidentally put back on the shelves before being cut. 
I filled them with rice so they are more like beanbags than pincushions! Do you like my symbolic scissor charms?

Recently, I found some lovely vintage bed sheets all in the same place and in great condition. These are listed on my esty shop now waiting to repurposed, reused and/or reloved!

I am linking up with Quilt Story and Freemotion by the River. 
Happy sewing! 


  1. Your swoon block looks lovely. The colors/prints you chose are very pretty; it would totally work for Valentine's day. I love those chevrons, too. I've got some in the medium and large I think, still stashing them until I decide what to make with them.
    Nice finds with the sheets!

  2. Love your swoon block and the two tone spikes in the outer area (geez what are those things called) is really awesome. Wish I would have thought of that on mine :)

  3. Congratulations on the first swoon block, yooohooo! I've yet to make one too! I think it would be a great block for a medallion quilt. Your bean bags are really cute and the scissor charms are lovely! Those sheets are really pretty, why can I never find those when I go thrifting? :)

  4. Your Swoon block is lovely! RPQ's sister, Karen, from Quilts on Bastings has some awesome pictures of quilts she's quilted that are inspirational...if you like to get ideas from others.

    The vintage sheets are so dreamy!

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