Thursday, August 16, 2012

Getting Ready for School...

Yikes! School starts next Thursday! Where did the summer go? We did lots this summer, including a trip to Traverse City for the first time, tennis lessons, girl scout camp, hanging out at the pool, sleep-overs, painting rooms, music camps, vacation bible school... and some sewing and knitting, of course. Sitting down and crafting with the girls didn't happen as much as I was hoping but we did a little here and there. I try not to push my crafts on them...too much.  They should do these things because they enjoy them, not because I enjoy them. But between you and me, I bribed the girls with 10 cents a hexie this week! I got the idea from a mom on another blog but I can't remember who. (If it is you please let me know and I will give you credit.) So, the start of school is soon approaching and I have been immersed in sewing projects that are quick and simple, and ones that the girls can take to school and look somewhat cool :)

The first one is by Noodlehead called Open Wide Zippered Pouch. Great tutorial with easy instructions and awesome pictures. The pouch can be made in 3 different sizes. I made the small size for the girls to put in their school desks. I will definitely be making more of these in the different sizes for traveling and  gift giving!
This next one is by Dog under my Desk called Heart Shaped Pouch. They are so cute I can hardly stand it! The tutorial was very easy to follow and so much fun. These will be great for hanging on backpacks and storing little goodies that girls like to keep close to their hearts (no pun intended). This blog has another tutorial for a circular pouch to store earbuds.
Then, I came across this pouch over at Make it Modern called Perfect Box Pouch. Of course, I had to try this one too! Another great tutorial that was fun, simple, and easy to love. This tutorial makes a pouch that is about 5-1/2 x 3-1/2 x 2-1/4. Nice size for a tissue pack, a couple glue sticks, some fancy erasers, and some heart bandaids...all necessary things little girls like to keep in their desks that boys would never be caught with! Next time, I'll try adding small tabs where the zipper begins and ends. It would be nice to open and close the pouch without having to pinch the fabric.
I can say my fear of zippers has been overcome. All of these projects allowed me to play around with and practice sewing on zippers. It's not all that scary once you've tried it a few times. I am planning to make a few more zippered school items including a pencil case. So stay tuned...

I am linking up this project to Trying New Things over at Happy Quilting. Most of the fabric is Modern Edge by Jennifer Young. The colors are great for E's room (my 10-year-old daughter). We painted her room over the summer and it is in desperate need of a colorful wall quilt. This is one of many projects I'll finish once the kids go back to school. Yeah!

Happy sewing!


  1. Oh, those heart shaped pouches are so awesome! I have three little girls so I'd love to give it a try. I've bookmarked this page. Thanks!

  2. Oh, do you know Svetlana Sotak? She lives in your area and is a member of the modern quilt guild. How cool you live so close!

  3. The pouches are so adorable!!! And I love the colors in that quilt!!


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