Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thrift Finds, Herbs, and Sock Monkey

 At Savers this week, I found a couple vintage kitchen goodies. The first is a Pyrex covered casserole dish in Verde pattern - olive branches in a wonderful yellow-green color. I love finding Pyrex dishes with the lids still attached and in good condition. I use them to put leftovers in the fridge. It looks so much nicer than using plastic containers.

The only downside is that Pyrex dishes are not marked for microwave use so it is questionable. However, plastic containers are questionable too. Check out Pyrex Love FAQ for more info on Pyrex use. Pyrex Love is a great reference for Pyrex patterns and history.

My second find is a beautiful cast iron saucepan. At first I thought it was Le Creuset. The lid says Made in France and the color looks like the vintage flame orange. The lid says P14 and the bottom of the pan says 14. The bottom of the pan is not flat but has grill pan surface (not on the inside like the Le Creuset grill pans but underneath where the flame touches). Any idea on the history of this lovely, vintage piece?

One of my favorite summer dishes is a chicken recipe I found in a magazine a few years ago. I love to make it in the summer because it calls for herbs that I grow in my garden. It is a simple dish that looks incredible on the dinner table. Basically, make a garlic, salt and olive oil mixture; rub the mix on top of bone-in chicken thighs with skin; rub the mix underneath the skin too. Let the chicken marinate in the fridge for a couple hours. Then, get out your favorite casserole dish; add sliced lemons on the bottom, then layer your herbs - rosemary, thyme, and sage:
I had to add my new vintage cast iron saucepan to the picture even though I didn't use it in this recipe. Don't the colors look so great together? Now, place your chicken thighs on top of the herbs; add salt and pepper; cook at 425 degrees for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Enjoy!

Socks is saying have a great weekend! I had to put together a quick birthday present for my daughter's friend. She loves sock monkeys and soccer so I tied the two together. Sock monkey named Socks with his new blankie made from soccer fabric. Easy to make but extra special!


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