Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Quilt, Bold Colors

I am on the next wall quilt for my other daughter's room. The colors are very different from what  you have seen me working on in the last few months. Her colors are purple, blue, and green. I pulled some fabric from my stash and added a few new ones. I started making 6" pinwheel blocks called Old Windmill from the book "200 Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match" by Davina Thomas. I didn't have a plan, just started cutting and sewing to see what would unfold. Here are a few blocks:

Really fun to use bright, bold fabric in a traditional block. So, I kept making blocks until I had enough to put together a small wall quilt.

The wall quilt is at a standstill until I make a decision on sashing. I am debating between Kona Orchid, a light purple or Kona Snow, an off white color. My daughter's room is being painted a medium purple on the main wall where the quilt will be displayed and light green on the other 3 walls. Her furniture is a cream color. 

What is your vote?

Any fabric suggestions for a border?
 If I can find a fabric with these colors in a medium to large print, I think it would really bring the quilt together nicely. I am linking this up to WIP over at Freshly Pieced.

Here is a new vintage bed sheet in my etsy shop today! This one is full of lovely pinks and peaches. 

I have been on Pinterest for a couple months now and really enjoying all the ideas and pictures. But, my favorite part is having everything I fancy organized and saved for a later date. Click on this link to find my Vintage Sheet Love board which is full of ideas and tutorials for vintage bed sheets. I can't wait to make the Giant Vintage Star Quilt for my guest bed and some vintage ties for my little nephew. 

Lastly, I leave you with some small Alpine strawberries handpicked by my daughter. They are growing all over my garden; they are so tiny that picking them takes some time. As you can see from my daughter's red fingers, she has already eaten quite a few. 

Happy sewing! 


  1. I love the orchid. The blocks are great! What a great job!

  2. I really love those pinwheels - they look fabulous!

  3. I really like the white better. I think it brings out the purple in the blocks. The other blends to much. Good luck in you decision and the pinwheels are beautiful.

  4. Great quilt! My middle daughter would love those colors!

  5. I received a Sunshine Award and One Lovely Blog award and have passed them on to you :)

  6. I really like the Kona Orchad, it really looks nice. I came to visit from Amy's Congradulations.


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