Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Granny Squares, Thrift Find, and Columbine

I am working on Granny Square quilt blocks...still... and loving them. I finished one quilt top that will end up in my youngest daughter's room this summer. I think I'll add a border but not sure if I want to stick with the Kona White or add a soft printed fabric. Maybe I'll do both!

I'm playing around with quilting ideas too. I've seen a lot of these granny square quilts being stippled but I have not had much experience with this kind of quilting. I will need to stick to my comfort level, for now, and try something with straight lines. Thoughts? The quilting part makes me nervous because it can really make or break a quilt top. I know from previous disasters :)

I've been working with these lovely colors for a few weeks now. They make me happy. While on my weekly thrift search, this darling crochet blanket cried out to me. It said, "Take me home. I'll look so wonderful on a chair in your youngest daughter's room!" So I took it home and put it in storage with the other things I am collecting until my girls move into their own rooms this summer. Now, I need to find a chair to put the blanket on!

At the same thrift store, I found this white bowl pictured with the crochet blanket. I thought it was so neat because it's shaped like a flower. This will be great on a shelf or a dresser. The girls have so many little treasures that need places to stay.

I'm posting this to WIP over at Freshly Pieced where there is a fun link-up party every Wednesday! Come join us! It's fun to see what other modern quilters and sewists are doing these days.

I'll leave you today with a picture of my Columbine blooming in the front garden. Mr. Gnome takes good care of them making sure the Columbine reseeds at the end of spring to provide more flowers for next year. But I think he is lonely and needs a Mrs. Gnome this summer :)

Happy sewing!

p.s.  I'm offering a special discount in my etsy store this week celebrating my 100th sale!


  1. Your granny squares are precious!I've been wanting to try that block out for a while and you are inspiring me. Thanks!

  2. Your quilt is lovely, such soft cozy colors. And the afghan find is perfect!

  3. Wow that came out lovely! I agree, both a solid and print border would look great!

  4. I love double borders; print and white. One a thinner border than the other.

    As for the quilting, if you don't want to stipple, I would do straight lines following the corners of the squares on an angle. Two on each side, for a total of four. The more the better!
    Here's something I did similar and I love the way it turned out after being washed.

  5. Oooohhh....Your Granny Square quilt is so soft and sweet and vintage looking! I think it would look pretty with a pastel inner border and white outer border. And I'm planning on hand quilting my Granny Square Quilt.

  6. Your quilt and afghan are like a lick of fresh sherbet! Yumm!

    Elizabeth E.

  7. I vote for two borders - one white and one colored. It would be so pretty! Really love your grannies.

  8. your granny squares look so pretty! the crochet blanket is a great find and it even matches the colors in your granny squares :)

  9. I love the granny squares they look wonderful. I have made 2 quilts with granny squares and trying to convince my self to not start again.

  10. Hello
    I am over from Sew Many Ways having a prowl around your blog. Love your Granny squares. I see some of those in my future!
    from New Zealand


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