Friday, March 23, 2012

Doll Clothes Now and Then

I have been sewing more doll clothes for my other daughter's b-day in April. Sewing doll clothes is so much fun because you get to work with small-ish pieces, incorporate trim wherever you like, adjust the pattern to feel creative, and not worry about the little boo-boos. The receiver is usually a little girl who will only be so delighted with a new wardrobe for her doll. In her eyes, anyone that can sew doll clothes is wonderful. Extra kudos for mom!

The dolls clothes were made using patterns by Avery Lane on etsy. Erin's patterns are very easy to follow with great illustrations. The skirt pattern is her Apron Twirl Skirt pattern. There is an option to add an apron to the skirt. Next, I would like make an outfit with the apron option and using the same fabric, make an apron for my daughter. I'm thinking it's time to bake some cookies!

Since we're on the topic of doll clothes, I have to include a picture of overalls I made last month with a McCalls pattern:
I used a pink and white striped denim fabric I found at Savers, a thrift retail store we are fortunate to have in the area. I found a few yards of it actually and have extra listed in my etsy shop. I used McCalls pattern 2506, one of my new favorites. I confess the knit shirt was not made by me but bought from Jeannine's shop called Crazy for Hue. Her work is awesome and I hope one day I can learn to sew with knits as good as she does. I have yet to try but it is on my to-do list. I've heard sewing with knit fabric is a little tricky but I'm looking forward to the challenge and to trying something new...well, when I have more time :)

When my two aunts heard that I was selling vintage sewing patterns on my etsy shop, they started sending me their "old" sewing patterns that are now deemed vintage. I've been having so much fun going thru them and I'm so thankful how organized and neat they kept everything. I have yet to come across one of their patterns that is missing a piece - amazing considering some of these patterns have 20 pieces and some are very small! This past week, I received some vintage doll clothes patterns. I never realized there were so many different kinds of dolls in the 50s and 60s. This pattern is for 18" high heel dolls:
Thank you to my aunts for sending me their wonderful sewing patterns. I hope these patterns go to good homes where they will be used again and again to make lovely clothes for new and old dolls.

Happy sewing!


  1. I love love your doll clothes. For some reason I am on memory lane today and your post reminds me of making clothes for my girls American dolls. Loved those easy days of dreaming and playing

  2. Super cute!! My daughter has asked me a couple of times to make clothes for her dolls. You've inspired me to get to it!

  3. Cute dolls clothes. Love the vintage pattern!

  4. If you are sewing for 18 inch dolls, you should check out Bunny Bear patterns - she does vintage 30s and 40s (and others but those are the ones I've bought). The fits are perfect and the clothes are so cute.

    Love those overalls. And you are so lucky to have aunts like that! Love that vintage pattern!

  5. ¡Ohhhhh! ¡Preciosa ropa!

  6. Your doll clothes are fantastic! I love sewing for my daughter's and niece's dolls, too, but they're a little overloaded at the moment. Too bad dolls don't outgrow their clothes - or wear them out! ;)

    Thanks, too, for the Etsy store recommendation. I favorited her shop so I can go back and find some new patterns when I need (want) some new ones.


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