Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tutorials and Sarah's Quilt

This month I am busy sewing Sarah's quilt blocks. I've decided to do I Spy a Square blocks because they are simple and fun to look at. For a child's quilt, I love to use many different fabrics with lots of colors and patterns. I think it stimulates a child's imagination and introduces color theory at an early age. And think of those sick in bed days and feeling lousy - a quilt with visual appeal becomes a comfort. Here is a sneak peek...
While I'm sewing Sarah's quilt, I'm crazily thinking of three different tutorials that I can hardly wait to try. It's these "next" projects that keep me motivated and focused so I finish what I'm currently working on. Here's what's next in line...

This Gathered Clutch Tuorial by Noodlehead is a must try! Wouldn't it be great for teachers with a gift card inside? I'm thinking end of the school year gifts.

How about this sleeping bag pattern for stuffed animals and dolls by Flossie TeaCakes? The pattern comes in three different sizes. I know a lot of stuffed animals that would appreciate these.

Last but not least is this bike bucket tutorial also by Noodlehead. My girls would love to have one for their bikes this summer.  It would be a fun project to do together. I can see it now - stuffed animals, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and money for the ice cream truck jammed into their bike buckets. Ahhhh, summer can't get here fast enough!

And don't forget the Modern Mini Challenge.  Enter to win some great give aways by making a mini quilt or two. Don't have time to make the deadline? Check out all the blogs that featured mini quilts to kick off the challenge. What talent and inspiration! I hope you enjoyed my to-do list. Now, I need to start sewing!

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  1. thanks for the links! hope you'll get to try a few projects out! :)


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