Thursday, December 8, 2011

17 More Days

I'm making some progress with Christmas gifts... presenting one of my mouse in hammock ornaments..

I am working on a grey mouse now.  It's so fun picking out fabric for the blanket, pillow, and night cap. I think Mr. Mouse needs a Mrs. Mouse!  Maybe instead of a night cap, a little lace cap would suit Mrs. Mouse.  Hmmm...
Also, the coin quilts for my daughters are coming along nicely.  This picture shows only part of the quilts.  I have 3 rows of pieced fabric in each quilt.  As you can see, my girls have very different color preferences.  I love being able to play around with both color schemes.  Also, it's been great using a lot of my fabric stash!  This picture on flickr inspired me to try a coin quilt.
My latest Pyrex find - Rosette!  And I found the lid with it!  Lids and saucers are usually nowhere to be found.  I believe this pattern is from the 60's and was a promotional item.  So pretty.

Wishing everyone sewing success and speed as we count down 17 days until Christmas!

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