Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Gifts and Wrapping Idea

Not much longer now so I've been sewing like mad. I do this every year and say the same thing - "next year I'm going to start in January!"  Maybe 2012.... sounds like a new group forming called Christmas Projects Once a Month or Christmas Ornaments Every Month.  Hmmm... following is what I have been busy sewing the last few days...
These are my felt angels singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing!  Find more pictures on my flickr account. An ornament from my grandmother inspired me to make these lovely angels. The one I have is very old but still in great condition. These little gifts will last a very long time. Lots of stitching and detail involved but once you get started, it goes by quickly. And they are so much fun to make! I love getting out all the beads and sequins at Christmastime. It's hard not to overdo it with the embellishments because they are so fun but don't add too much, unless you are going for the gaudy look. Wouldn't a table top tree full of these singing angels look so divine?
Another mouse in a hammock ornament complete. This one is smiling waiting for Santa's arrival and wondering what kind of cheese will be under the tree this year. This is another felt ornament that is addicting. Warning: it's hard to stop at just one!
Mr. Owl is for a teacher who loves owls. I hope she loves this one too! Owls are one of the easiest stuffed animals to make because of their shape. I highly recommend giving one a try!
Tip of the year:  use old tins to wrap your gifts this year. I've been collecting tins while thrifting the last few months. They make great boxes to put gifts in. What's even better, you can fit several small gifts into one. Also, the gifts inside don't get smashed and you don't have to wrap! Who needs all that extra wrapping paper that ends up in the trash? This wrapping can be reused or used for decoration. It's a winner all the way around! And that's a wrap (no pun intended).

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