Thursday, November 24, 2011

Waste Knot Blocks

The winner of the give away is Stina!  Congrats!  She made this comment - "Hello.. thanks for the links to this new blogger.. :o) Have added her and commented on her blog.. nice with new friendships!!" - on the Vintage Sheet Blog.  Stina, I hope you enjoy your vintage sheet fat quarters and crochet hot pad!  Would love to see what you do with them!

A friend of mine gave me a quilt pattern made with blocks called Waste Knot. I fell in love with the blocks and started using my 30s repro fabric collection to make them,a different color for each block. It's one of those blocks that is so fun to make and becomes addicting quickly. The designer is Susan Fuquay from American Retail Quilter. The pattern is in American Retail Quilter, Vol.14, Issue 83.  
I have the blocks on my felt wall. As you can see, I am one block short! At first, I was thinking of making a block for the center using all the colors. Then, I thought maybe I should just pick 3 colors and put them into one block.
Cute, but I think it would be better as a pillow.  Now, I think I'll make another green and put the red or blue in the center.  The block is intended to look like a knot; using multiple colors breaks up the knot and the effect is lost. Thoughts? I'm embarrassed to say the blocks have been up on my felt wall for months!
Don't you think this would be great with vintage sheets?  A different sheet for each block!  The friend who gave me this wonderful pattern is sewing a different holiday for each block so she can have her quilt displayed all year long.  I can't wait to see it!

If I had more time:
 I would make something from this pattern,
I would start knitting a hat,
and I would make apple bread.

But, for today I will be thankful for the time I do have with loved ones and for our health, food, and love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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