Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reversible Headband Tutorial

Here goes...as promised!

Cut two pieces of fabric 15-1/2" in length by 2-1/4" in width.  I am using one of my favorite vintage bed sheet fabrics along with a nice autumn brown.

Place the two pieces of fabric right sides together then fold in half so the short ends are together.  Using a rotary cutter, taper the long sides in by 1/2" on both sides.  Make sure you taper the sides so the 1/2" is being cut off the raw edges, not the folded end.  You want the ruler to be at zero on the folded end and taper to 1/2" on the raw edge.  If you do this right,  the tapered end should measure 1-1/4" across.

Cut single-sided fusible, lightweight interfacing so that it measure 15" by 2".  Taper interfacing so that it can fit inside the headband fabric.  It doesn't have to be exact.  You just want a bit to add some stability.
Iron short ends in by 1/4" and place interfacing on wrong side of fabric with fusible part facing down. Turn headband over and iron so fusible interfacing sticks.  Next, iron short ends in by 1/4" to match the ones you already ironed. 

 Now you are ready to stitch!  Sew the long sides with a 1/4" seam allowance.  Don't sew the short ends!

Using your favorite turning tool, turn the headband right side out.  I have a blue one by Dritz that I absolutely love.  It's one of those inexpensive finds that makes life so much easier!  Now, iron your headband nice and flat.

Topstitch using thread to match or accent your headband.  I topstitch along the sides making sure to keep one end open and at least 1/2" space down the middle for the plastic headband form.

Place a 3/8" plastic headband form into the open end and stitch closed!  Voila!  So pretty!  You can find the plastic headband forms on etsy.com.  Remember to stop by my shop on etsy for vintage fabric!


  1. Beautiful! I would wear that!

  2. This is adorable! I will make this to match a bag I am making for my daughter and she will be stylin'! Thanks for sharing this great stocking stuffer!


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