Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Doll Nightgown with Vintage Bed Sheet

This doll nightgown is made with a cotton flannel bed sheet and eyelet lace.  I had fun putting this together and plan to make a bonnet to go with the nightgown.  Also, I have enough fabric from the bed sheet to make my daughter a matching nightgown.  Cotton flannel bed sheets are so great for pajamas and sewing projects that require lots of fabric.

I am in the middle of organizing my sewing room.  Here is a picture of one wall that is finally put together nicely.  The rest of the room is a disaster!  My plan is to keep it neat but we'll see how long that lasts, especially with the holidays coming up...  I folded my fabric into nice, neat stacks using this fabric folding tutorial from In Color Order blog.

This last picture is of an apron I made using a pattern from the book, Girl's World.  The main fabric is a vintage bed sheet.  If you don't like greens on the yellow side, you are going to find this awful.  But, I love the colors so it appeals to me.  The only thing is that I'd hate to get this messy!


  1. Hi There, I've come over from Vintage Sheet blog to discover you. I too work with a lot of vintage fabric, It's addictive isn't it ?

  2. Oh my gosh... I looooooove that apron! It's absolutely gorgeous! I wouldn't want to get it dirty either but at the same time, i'd want to wear it daily!
    New followers here sent from vintage sheet blog :) I can't wait to start reading all about you and the things you make!

  3. Yes,it's very addictive! If only I had more hours in the day...

  4. OH, how I wish my shelves were that neat and pretty.~


  5. What an adorable nightgown! I bet the little girl would just LOVE to play dressup in it.

  6. Such a great apron! So glad to have found your blog!


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